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Concrete precast is simply the creation of concrete products from reusable moulds and the use of production engineering/ automated systems for the prefabricated concrete element industry.

This type of concrete, is a more viable method for meeting housing and general developmental needs i.e. transportation and general integral needs.

These include:

❖ Stationary line production

❖ Tilting Station

❖ Pallet Circulation Plants

❖ Transport and Handling Systems

❖ Multi-Functions-Shuttering-Robot

❖ Concrete Distribution System for the Purposes

❖ Impaction Systems

❖ Finishing Equipment

❖ Shuttering Systems

❖ Shuttering for special purpose elements

❖ Moulds for garages Moulds for rooms, bathrooms

❖ Special purpose element walls

❖ Shuttering for skeleton building systems

❖ Mould for columns, girders,  TT elements

❖ Moulds for T beams & Moulds for V beams

❖ Tilting Tables

❖ Long beds for the manufacture of hollow-core slabs

tilting table ( why precast).jpg

As mentioned, the aim of the NONATEC Group is the introduction of modern precast technologies into the construction industry of the West-African region.

The precast frame technology is one of the leading construction technologies in Western Europe and North America.

The growing popularity of  concrete precast technology is explained by the fact that it has significant advantages over traditional construction methods and technologies.

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