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International Engineering Excellence (I.E.E.) is an international consulting company, specialized in providing services in the field of precast concrete design and precast concrete construction.
I.E.E. offers its services globally, however, it is mainly active in emerging markets (particularly in Asia and Africa) with a lack of housing and a lack of know-how in this construction method. I.E.E. considers itself a partner for investors, construction and real estate companies new to the precast industry or in need of support to optimize existing structures or projects.

Furthermore, I.E.E. focuses mainly on the following fields:

❖ Feasibility Studies on precast housing projects and factories to support investors in making the right decisions.

❖ Designing bespoke precast concrete factories and establishing precast factories with the right level of technology and the right output to accomplish the desired project(s).

❖ Providing Project Management in setting up precast concrete factories or other factories related to the concrete industry.

❖ Partial or complete management of precast concrete factories or other concrete industry related factories and production units (a one-stop service provider to give the customer all he needs in order to manage his precast / construction projects in the most efficient way). 

❖ Providing erection support for precast concrete projects and ensuring quality control, as well as defining quality control standards. 

❖ Providing precast concrete design and planning support to create a successful transition from traditional construction to precast concrete construction.

❖ Support an international precast concrete machinery supplier in entering international markets, while providing know-how and support to their customers that they do not have in-house.

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