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Recent incidents of collapsing building in Nigeria, Kenya proves the point that in the traditional concrete brick industry, the buttress for enforcement standardization is significantly poor with sub-standard strength of most elements for the building leading to porous, weak structures liable to collapse. In addition to this, is the poor production of these industrialized elements.

Some of the benefits of using precast include:

❖ It is a quick and safe method of creating specific moulds.

❖ The quality of precast elements used are of high standard because the concrete elements. are factory made under strict constant control.

❖ There is also a reduction in construction cost of up to 30% and fast building erection: up to 5000m2 per month using one tower crane and Seismic stability up to 9 points on the Richter scale.

❖ The precast concrete technology allows the implementation of any architectural design concept with beautiful facades and balconies if needed.

❖ There is also a reduction in wall thickness by 15% in column sections and long spans of up to 18m. This allows an increase of floor area significantly framed as assembled without welding as the reinforcement is built into the precast elements.

❖ The ease of transporting precast concrete from the site of production to the development site has made it more favourable due to its lightweight.

❖ Precast is structurally efficient as it is designed and supplied to exact build fit and specification and this, accelerates building process.

❖ Can be constructed into most shapes as requested by customers (bespoke).

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