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NONATEC (West-Africa) Ltd and NONATEC (Europe) Ltd is international company registered both in Nigeria and the UK.



NONATEC (West-Africa) Ltd and NONATEC (Europe) Ltd is international company registered both in Nigeria and the UK.

While NONATEC (WA) Ltd caters for the industrial and productive aspects in the West African subregion, NONATEC (EU) LTD caters for the interest of the company in sourcing appropriate technology and technical partners and investments from the international market.

NONATEC (WEST -AFRICA) and NONATEC EUROPE LTD were founded in 2009 and the past decade has been used to lay the foundation of this international company seeking international partners and investments. The year 2020, is  a new decade for the take-off of the years of research and groundwork. NONATEC Worldwide is now ready to provide services in the concrete industry.


We have chosen the concrete Precast Industry as our main area of focus for the next few years starting from 2020. The goal is to develop the company and provide a service which we believe would not only provide and cater for the lack of both industrial and domestic housing facilities but put us at the forefront of using this technology to help develop the  transportation industry in Nigeria and  the West African subregion as they get urbanized and integrated.


We therefore seek to have NONATEC LTD (NONACAST) at the forefront in the use of concrete precast technology to develop our cities in the production of functional, integrated, adequate, modern housing and other facilities of society such as, shopping malls, car parks, hospitals etc.

About Us


Concrete precast is simply the creation of concrete products from reusable moulds and the use of production engineering/ automated systems for the prefabricated concrete element industry.

This type of concrete, is a more viable method for meeting housing and general developmental needs i.e. transportation and general integral needs.

These include:

❖ Stationary line production

❖ Tilting Station

❖ Pallet Circulation Plants

❖ Transport and Handling Systems

❖ Multi-Functions-Shuttering-Robot

❖ Concrete Distribution System for the Purposes

❖ Impaction Systems

❖ Finishing Equipment

❖ Shuttering Systems

❖ Shuttering for special purpose elements

❖ Moulds for garages Moulds for rooms, bathrooms

❖ Special purpose element walls

❖ Shuttering for skeleton building systems

❖ Mould for columns, girders,  TT elements

❖ Moulds for T beams & Moulds for V beams

❖ Tilting Tables

❖ Long beds for the manufacture of hollow-core slabs


As mentioned, the aim of the NONATEC Group is the introduction of modern precast technologies into the construction industry of the West-African region.

The precast frame technology is one of the leading construction technologies in Western Europe and North America.

The growing popularity of  concrete precast technology is explained by the fact that it has significant advantages over traditional construction methods and technologies.



Recent incidents of collapsing building in Nigeria, Kenya proves the point that in the traditional concrete brick industry, the buttress for enforcement standardization is significantly poor with sub-standard strength of most elements for the building leading to porous, weak structures liable to collapse. In addition to this, is the poor production of these industrialized elements.

Some of the benefits of using precast include:

❖ It is a quick and safe method of creating specific moulds.

❖ The quality of precast elements used are of high standard because the concrete elements. are factory made under strict constant control.

❖ There is also a reduction in construction cost of up to 30% and fast building erection: up to 5000m2 per month using one tower crane and Seismic stability up to 9 points on the Richter scale.

❖ The precast concrete technology allows the implementation of any architectural design concept with beautiful facades and balconies if needed.

❖ There is also a reduction in wall thickness by 15% in column sections and long spans of up to 18m. This allows an increase of floor area significantly framed as assembled without welding as the reinforcement is built into the precast elements.

❖ The ease of transporting precast concrete from the site of production to the development site has made it more favourable due to its lightweight.

❖ Precast is structurally efficient as it is designed and supplied to exact build fit and specification and this, accelerates building process.

❖ Can be constructed into most shapes as requested by customers (bespoke).



International Engineering Excellence (I.E.E.) is an international consulting company, specialized in providing services in the field of precast concrete design and precast concrete construction.
I.E.E. offers its services globally, however, it is mainly active in emerging markets (particularly in Asia and Africa) with a lack of housing and a lack of know-how in this construction method. I.E.E. considers itself a partner for investors, construction and real estate companies new to the precast industry or in need of support to optimize existing structures or projects.

Furthermore, I.E.E. focuses mainly on the following fields:

Feasibility Studies on precast housing projects and factories to support investors in making the right decisions.

❖ Designing bespoke precast concrete factories and establishing precast factories with the right level of technology and the right output to accomplish the desired project(s).

❖ Providing Project Management in setting up precast concrete factories or other factories related to the concrete industry.

❖ Partial or complete management of precast concrete factories or other concrete industry related factories and production units (a one-stop service provider to give the customer all he needs in order to manage his precast / construction projects in the most efficient way). 

❖ Providing erection support for precast concrete projects and ensuring quality control, as well as defining quality control standards. 

❖ Providing precast concrete design and planning support to create a successful transition from traditional construction to precast concrete construction.

❖ Support an international precast concrete machinery supplier in entering international markets, while providing know-how and support to their customers that they do not have in-house.



The I.E.E. shareholders have a vast background in multiple countries and more than two decades in the real estate and construction / precast construction and precast machinery industry (see also CVs attached).


In case projects cannot be carried out by the shareholders themselves due to lack of capacity etc., I.E.E. can rely on a large network of specialists and experts who can carry out the requested consulting mission on behalf of I.E.E., though I.E.E. still owns the project and also is in charge of the overall  control of the project.


The I.E.E. main target markets currently are Sub-Saharan Africa (Ghana, Nigeria) and South-East Asia (Philippines, China, Vietnam, Indonesia), though also activities with European design and machinery construction manufacturers are in the making.





Ingmar Wilhelm

Ingmar has been working up his way in the precast industry from maintenance engineer, to production and factory manager, up to General Manager and Partner in a precast factory. He can look back on more than 20 years of precast experience in Germany, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and Africa. He has experience in planning and building the full range of precast buildings, incl. detached houses, multistory and high-rise buildings, commercial buildings and also industrial buildings.


Daniel Breitbach

Daniel has been working in the real estate development field and planning of precast industry factories and projects for more than 15 years. He has gained vast international experience from the Middle East, India, South-East Asia and Africa. His strength is to build the teams required to deliver the needs of the investor and customers in the different markets and cultural environments. Furthermore, he holds an MBA and is in charge of finance.



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